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WhatsApp Integration

Instant Order Updates at your Fingertips

Stay connected with your customers like never before with ONO Suite's WhatsApp integration. This feature ensures that order updates are delivered instantly to your customers, providing a seamless and personalized communication experience

Key features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp emerges as the messaging powerhouse in our communication toolkit. Chosen for its widespread usage and instant messaging capabilities, it transforms order updates into a conversational experience

Instant Order Updates

Deliver order updates directly to your customers' WhatsApp, ensuring they are informed and engaged in real-time

Personalized Communication

Leverage the personal touch of WhatsApp to communicate with your customers, enhancing the overall customer experience

Effortless Engagement

With WhatsApp as your communication channel, customer engagement becomes effortless and immediate, fostering a strong connection

How it works?


WhatsApp Integration

ONO Suite seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp, allowing you to send instant order updates directly to your customers


Automated Notifications

Order updates trigger automated notifications on WhatsApp, keeping your customers in the loop without any manual effort


Two-Way Communication

Customers can easily respond to notifications, creating a two-way communication channel for any queries or special requests

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Benefits for your Business

Real-Time Customer Updates

WhatsApp ensures that your customers receive real-time updates, enhancing transparency and trust

Enhanced Customer Engagement

The personal and instant nature of WhatsApp communication enhances customer engagement, creating a positive interaction

Efficiency in Communication

Streamline communication with automated notifications, saving time and ensuring consistent and timely updates

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