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Self-ordering kiosk for restaurants

Self-Service & Self-Ordering Kiosk Application

Eliminate lines, free up employees’ time and give customers what they want with a custom-designed experience built on Ono Suite's self-service kiosks

Self ordering kiosk
ONO Suite | Self ordering kiosk

Build to scale from ease of access, to seamless checkout

Serve your customers best experience for placing an order literally one click away. Build your menus that are consumable within a few swipes, ensuring that specials, most popular items, and upsells are visible in-app

Concerned about hardware expenses?

No need for concerns here at Ono Suite! We've got you covered, partner!

Dive into the future of seamless ordering without the budget blues

kiosk Hard. left.png
Kiosk Hard, right.png

Attract your customers with exciting offers and rewards

Engage your customers through our gamified wallet rewards and points system and give them all the more reason to order again.

Self ordering kiosk | Coupons and offers

The most reliable solution for any FnB business

Drag & drop builder

SEO & marketing tools

Upsell & cross sell engine

Reviews and ratings

Menu management

Wallet program

Delivery, Takeaway, Dine in

Order management

Customer management

Loyalty program

Schedule delivery

Geolocation delivery & management

Coupons & Offers

Referral system

Email, SMS and push notifications

Order tracking & re-order

Taco Bell self-ordering kiosk

A Self ordering kiosk that run Taco Bell's business faster, smarter, and better

A Digital Kiosk Ordering application that eliminate lines, improve accuracy, and create a better customer experience.

A Self ordering kiosk that run Herfy's business faster, smarter, and better

A Digital Kiosk Ordering application that shortens the counter queues and lets users order by themselves

Herfy self ordering kiosk
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Build and grow your business with ONO

We at Ono Suite help startups, as well as enterprises anywhere in the world and convert their potential ideas into profitable realities.

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