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POSIST Integration

Streamlining Operations for Effortless Management

Welcome to the heart of streamlined operations that is ONO Suite's integration with POSIST. Elevate your food business to new heights with a seamless connection that enhances order management, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction


Key features of POSIST

Optimizing Point of Sale for Unmatched Precision

  • Seamless POS Integration

  • Transactional Accuracy

  • Efficient Order Processing

  • Tailored for Point of Sale

  • Reliable Payment Handling

  • Streamlined Checkout Experience

  • Dedicated POS Capabilities

How it works?

order swift.png

Customers pick their favorites from your ONO Suite menu.

Orders swiftly transfer to POSIST, alerting the kitchen and setting the culinary magic in motion.

POSIST takes charge, coordinating in real-time for precise and careful dish preparation in kitchen.

order complete.png

ONO Suite and POSIST collaborate, updating order status seamlessly from processing to complete, keeping everyone in the loop.

Benefits for your Business

Synchronized Operations

ONO Suite and POSIST work in tandem, creating a synchronized environment that ensures every order is a masterpiece in the making

Real-Time Updates

Kitchen operations and order statuses are updated in real-time, providing clarity and transparency to both your team and hungry customers

Efficient order completion

With the seamless integration, orders move swiftly from placement to delivery/pickup/dine in, enhancing the overall efficiency of your food business

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