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Pidge Integration

A symphony of Delivery Partners for your Convenience

Embark on a journey of efficient deliveries with ONO Suite's integration with Pidge. This collaboration introduces a seamless delivery experience, offering multiple delivery partners, including Pidge's dedicated fleet, to cater to your diverse delivery needs


Key features of Pidge

Pidge is the delivery maestro in our ensemble. Chosen for its diverse delivery partners, including its own dedicated fleet, it ensures that your ONO Suite platform is equipped with a variety of delivery options

Diverse Delivery Partners

Pidge brings a range of delivery partners, including its own dedicated fleet and other renowned services, offering flexibility for your delivery operations

Real-Time Tracking

Enjoy the convenience of real-time tracking for all your deliveries, providing transparency and peace of mind for both you and your customers

Customizable Delivery Solutions

Pidge adapts to your needs, offering customizable delivery solutions to align with the unique requirements of your business

Pidge 2.png

How it works?


Partner Integration

ONO Suite seamlessly integrates with Pidge, unlocking a world of delivery possibilities with multiple partners at your fingertips


Order Coordination

Pidge orchestrates the coordination of delivery partners, ensuring your orders are efficiently assigned for swift and reliable delivery


Real-Time Visibility

With Pidge's real-time tracking, both you and your customers have clear visibility into the delivery journey, fostering trust and satisfaction

Benefits for your Business

Delivery Flexibility

Pidge's diverse delivery partners provide flexibility, allowing you to choose the best-suited option for each order

Enhanced Visibility

Real-time tracking ensures you and your customers are in the loop, enhancing visibility and providing a seamless delivery experience

Adaptable Solutions

Pidge's customizable solutions adapt to your business needs, ensuring a tailored delivery experience that aligns with your brand

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