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Petpooja Integration

Elevating Point-of-Sale Excellence

Welcome to a new era of point-of-sale perfection with ONO Suite's seamless integration with Petpooja. Our collaboration with Petpooja is designed to enhance your food business's operational efficiency, creating a delightful experience for both your team and your valued customers.

Petpooja 2.png

Key Features of Petpooja

Effortless Transactions

Petpooja simplifies the transaction process, making it a breeze for your staff and enhancing the overall efficiency of your operations.

Order Accuracy

With Petpooja's precision, every order detail is captured flawlessly, ensuring that what your customers crave is what they receive.

Streamlined Operations

It's POS features seamlessly integrate into your workflow, streamlining order processing, and providing a hassle-free experience for your team.

How it works?

petpooja order swift.png
Petpooja order.png

Your customers pick their favorites on the ONO Suite platform

As soon as the order is placed, our system swiftly sends it over to Petpooja 

Petpooja takes the lead in the kitchen, updating the team about the incoming delight

order complete.png

Once ordered, Petpooja and ONO Suite provide real-time updates for transparent order processing

Benefits for your Business

Efficiency Boost

ONO Suite and Petpooja team up for a POS experience that redefines efficiency, making each transaction a seamless delight

Order Precision

Petpooja's accuracy ensures your customers get precisely what they crave, boosting satisfaction and trust in your brand

Streamlined Excellence

Our integration with Petpooja streamlines operations, making order processing smoother and more efficient

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