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Paytm Integration

Simplifying Transactions for Seamless Orders

Welcome to the seamless world of ONO Suite, where we've teamed up with Paytm that brings a new dimension to your food business transactions, making ordering and payments smoother than ever.


Key Features of Paytm

Effortless transactions are at the heart of a successful food business. With Paytm integration, we bring you:

Instant Transactions

Paytm ensures lightning-fast payments, eliminating wait times for a swift and efficient checkout.

Security First

Trust Paytm's robust security measures to safeguard customer data, creating a secure transaction environment and enhancing brand trust.

Versatile Payments

From credit/debit cards to net banking and UPI, Paytm offers diverse payment options, catering to various customer preferences.

How it works?


Choose Paytm as their preferred payment method


The integration ensures a smooth, secure transaction, leaving customers satisfied effortlessly

order placed.png

Customers add items to the cart on your ONO Suite-powered platform

After the transaction is successful, your order is placed


What you gain?

Faster Turnaround

Speed up your order processing with Paytm, reducing waiting times for both your customers and your staff.

Increased Trust

Leverage the trust associated with the Paytm brand to enhance the credibility of your food business

Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are repeat customers. The convenience of Paytm payments adds to the overall positive experience, encouraging return visits.

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