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Empowering    food brands with unique, customer-focused technologies

Mobile app for restaurants
ONO Suite

Mobile application

Self ordering kiosk

Website solution

QR ordering

Digital menu board

ONO Suite | All-in-one restaurant technology

Online food ordering solution

No matter what food business you’re running - QSR, hotels, restaurants, bars & cafes, food court, meal kits, cloud kitchens etc...
We’re here to help you with better solutions you’re looking for.

Cloud kitchens

Cloud Kitchens


Food courts
Food courts
Bars & Cafes
Cafes and Bars
Integrated with the most trusted platforms 
Pine labs
Google analytics
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Microsoft clarity

The right product suite to scale your FnB business

Self ordering kiosk

Create a quick-and-easy ordering experience with self service kiosks. Let your customers know all the offers and enjoy placing an order by themselves.

Self ordering kiosk for restaurants

QR ordering

Give a relief to your store experts and make your customers patiently choose what to order, just from their table.

Qr ordering for restaurants

Mobile application

Serve your IOS and android users with the best customer experience while placing an order in just 3 taps!

Mobile application for restaurants

Website solution

Streamline online orders and elevate your brand identity with our website ordering solution, ensuring a seamless digital experience for your customers.

Website for restaurants

Digital menu board

Control your brand in an extraordinary way by not just showing the products but anything that helps the brand grow.

Digital menu solution for restaurants

Concerned about hardware expenses?

No need for concerns here at Ono Suite! We've got you covered, partner!

Dive into the future of seamless ordering without the budget blues

kiosk Hard. left.png
Kiosk Hard, right.png

Get all solutions under one roof

Manage your menus, orders, brands having different locations and much more within a single screen. Our simple and effective system will help you facilitate and streamline your food businesses.

 Menu management for restaurants

Manage menu with ease

Ono Suite is your central hub for creating and managing menus across locations, platforms, devices, and ordering channels. Become a thriving enterprise restaurant chain with a unified menu management system

  • Save time with an easy-to-build Menu

  • Make real-time updates on your sales channels

  • Increase your sales with Upselling Tools

  • Set menu schedules on different sales channels.

  • Make unlimited categories

  • Let your customer customize their order

On the go order management

Set up an order fulfillment system for your business with ONO. It helps you to simplify work flow, fulfill orders faster, and gain customer trust.

  • Automated order processing and fulfillment

  • POS integrations

  • Real-time order tracking

  • Reduced human error

  • Manage inventory

  • Enhanced customer experience

Order management for restaurants

ONO's Portfolio Brands

We at ONO help startups, as well as enterprises, convert their potential ideas into profitable realities.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Self ordering kiosk

Taco Bell

Wow Momo

Self ordering kiosk

Slay Coffee

SLAY Coffee

Mobile application, Website solution



Self ordering kiosk



Website solution

The most reliable solution for any FnB business

Drag & drop builder

SEO & marketing tools

Upsell & cross sell engine

Reviews and ratings

Menu management

Wallet program

Delivery, Takeaway, Dine in

Order management

Customer  management

Loyalty program

Schedule delivery

Geolocation delivery & management

Coupons & Offers

Referral system

Email, SMS and push notifications

Order tracking & re-order

Build a marketing strategy that gets better results

Ono Suite offers you the most comprehensive Marketing solutions you could ever need to run your business

Coupon system for restaurants
Build Coupons

We provides all the capabilities you need to create millions of coupons and validates them upon usage within milliseconds, no matter where your customers are located.

Referral system

Experience accelerated growth using customer referrals as your trusted marketing strategy

Loyalty program for restaurants
Introduce digital wallet & loyalty program

Keep your customers coming back by rewarding them when they take a certain action. With cashbacks & Loyalty Points, retain and keep your customers engaged

Create gamify experience

Surprise your customer with games & rewards that make them feel appreciated and re-engage with your brand

Easy-to-use drag & drop website builder

We help you establish your brand, look like a pro, and rise the ranks of search engines using our easy-to-use website builder.

Website builder for restaurants
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Build and grow your business with ONO

We at Ono Suite help startups, as well as enterprises anywhere in the world and convert their potential ideas into profitable realities.

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